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“Milan, a teacher, is from Indonesia, while Manoj is a businessman from Hong Kong.”

  • Wedding dates: 8-11 February 2018
  • No. of days in Thailand: 5 days
  • Wedding location: Bangkok

How did you meet?
We met through a common friend.

Tell us about the proposal.
He proposed to me in the cable car going to the top of the mountain in Hong Kong.

Why did you choose Thailand?
We chose Thailand because of its amazing hospitality and also it is centrally located in Asia.

Why did you pick the particular city
…because it’s an easy city to travel to.

Which hotels did you choose for your functions?
The Peninsula Bangkok How many guests were there? 250

What is your best memory from The wedding?
For us the best memory was the amazing decorations and food.

What is the best wedding advice you can give engaged couples?
…only get married at the Peninsula!

We had six main functions in different venues at the hotel itself, where we served our guests multi-cuisine buffets.

Wedding Planner:
I Do etc Make-up Artist: Sanya Topandasani

Wedding Invitations:
We created them ourselves. Photography &

Phototantra and Dhoom Dhaam Weddings