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“The bride and groom are both from Hong Kong, and while Mira is a fashion stylist, Ravine runs his own sneaker company.”

  • Wedding dates: 21st February 2018
  • No. of days in Thailand: 4 days
  • Wedding location: Bangkok, Thailand”

How did you meet?
Ravine and I had always known of each other but our paths didn’t really cross until one night out in New York City. We were both celebrating our college graduation and ended up sharing a large Domino’s Pizzaat 4 am and talking about life. Falling in love with him was inevitable. If I said no to dinner, he would come down my house to make sure I would come. He called me every day no matter where in the world we were just to talk, even if it meant racking up an extremely expensive phone bill.

Tell us about the proposal.
Ravine’s proposal was out of this world for sure and it was the best surprise of my life. He proposed at his mom’s birthday party in Hong Kong, with a futuristic video in front of 300 close friends and family. His video ended with a muffled “will you marry me” and as he walked out into the ballroom with a cake, diamond ring and champagne sparklers, he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Why did you choose Thailand?
Both families travelled worldwide to find the perfect resort to have the wedding in, but surprisingly ended up finding the perfect destination in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city. As they say, everything happens for a reason. The energy was great, and the hotel venues had the capacity to hold our number of guests.

Which hotels did you choose for your functions?
We did all of our functions are the Bangkok Marriot Marquis.

How many guests were there:
I think the final count was around 700.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
The moment I walked down the isle on the first night to say my vows, I felt the energy in the ballroom, and realised the next five days were going to be amazing.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Make sure you put your personality into your wedding because when you’re passionate about what you’re creating it is always beautiful. To all the future brides: wear what you love and feel con dent in. Once you’re con dent – you carry yourself with grace, happiness and positive energy and that’s the most beautiful kind of bride. Work as a team. Nothing is impossible. And take risks – who would have thought a mobile baraat on the most crowded street in Bangkok with Batman would ever work?

Functions: We six events all at the Bangkok Marriot Marquis including a sneaker party that was themed ‘Couture & Kicks in New York City’. The theme of the reception was ‘An Enchanted Tale’.

Wedding Planner: Pink Palki
Decoration and Event Styling: Sarasa by Mashu
Artist, Entertainment & Visual Management: Elite Entertainment Wedding Photographer: Dot Dusk
Family Photographer: Ali Ghorbani
Makeup artist: Natasha Moor
Hair: Herman Hairstyle
Choreographer for Sangeet: Swapniel Dance Company with Yuvraj Parwal
Light and Sound: Ekachai Lighting
Decoration Execution: Peerapach
DJs: Manoj, Kevin J, Sunny, Kilogram