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“Naimi is lawyer from London and Akshay, who is from Kenya, works in finance.”

  • Wedding dates: 25-27 October 2018
  • No. of days in Thailand: 3 days
  • Wedding location: Khao Lak

How did you meet?
We met by chance in London through a mutual friend. After the initial meet it took a few more months before we realised that our hour-long debates on world affairs and love for different cuisines made us perfectly compatible.

Tell us about the proposal.
It was in Thailand as well, on the beautiful island of Koh Yao Yai at a sunset dinner on a quiet part of the beach. It was completely unexpected and Akshay wasn’t even sure he would do it but once we got to the location, he knew the setting and island was perfect for the proposal.

Why did you choose Thailand?
Thailand stole my heart more than 15 years ago and I kept coming back every other year for a short holiday. Each time I drew close to the country because of the warmth of its people, the breath- taking scenery and the overall cultural experience. On my fifth visit to the country, I felt it truly was ‘my second home’ and knew that this was where I would someday get married. Nothing compares to the delicious food, how accommodating everyone is, and of course the delicate balance the country has carved itself between old and new. You are able to enjoy modern experiences as well as historical cultural ones and it is extremely unique for a country to be able to preserve this.

Why did you pick the particular city?
The beauty of Khao Lak speaks for itself. We grew up on by the beach in Africa and knew we wanted a beachfront location for the wedding. It is a stunning location and one that would provide a different experience for our guests.

Which hotels did you choose for your functions?
JW Marriott Khao Lak.

How many guests were there:

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Walking down the aisle to my favourite song in the most beautiful set up. I could feel the genuine happiness of my guests shining through. This was so special because only an hour before, the rains were so heavy that I was sure we were going to have to move the wedding and change plans but in the end everything worked out exactly how I wanted.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Enjoy every moment of the planning. Try not to get stressed because at the end of the day it’s the people that make the wedding what it is. Make the most of being close to your loved ones in the planning phase, it is rare to be able to find so much time to spend together to plan one of the biggest events in your life.

Functions: We had ve functions all at the hotel. Each one had a different theme starting with the ‘Summer Solstice’ for the welcome dinner, Regal Renaissance for the wedding ceremony and dinner, an ‘L’apres midi en blanc’ pool party, and Vogue X for the reception. To entertain the guest we had a re show, Thai dancers, live singers, a violinist, and a silk acrobat among others.

Wedding Planner: Krish Events
Groom’s Outfit: JDS
Bride’s Outfits: Natasha Dalal and Chamee & Palak Make-up Artist: Makeovers by Sejal
Mehendi: Lavina
Wedding Invitations: Varda Stationary (india) Photography & Videography: Anoop