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This comprehensive timeline provides you with advice that will help you plan a wedding to remember, without forgetting the most important details. Keep in mind however, this is meant only as a general guide and as there certainly will be additional steps unique to your wedding. Good luck and enjoy!

Step 1


You and your future life-partner may have totally different visions of the “perfect wedding.” Talk to each other and manage expectations. Go wild with ideas and sort through the reality of those ideas as you plan.

Step 2

Plan your Engagement Party

This is usually done in your hometown or in the hometown of your soon-to-be life partner. Celebrations can range from a simple family-only get together at home to a full-on reception-style

Step 3

Initial Budgets

Different cultures have different expectations when it comes to paying for weddings, so know that this is a sensitive subject that should be approached gently. Decide in the beginning who will foot the bills.

Step 4

Dates & Hotel Options

Decide what time of the year you’d like to get married and set the dates. It’s important to bear in mind that due to the high volume of tourism Thailand attracts, one day – either before or after your chosen date

Step 5


The location you choose will influence the theme and style of your wedding. A list of questions to help you decide: Are you looking for a city, riverside, island, beach, or hill-station

Step 6

Wedding Organisers & Vendors

Choosing to have your wedding far from home is not a decision to be taken lightly. The planning can be complicated threefold if you choose to organise it alone. Thailand has several professional

Step 7


Some hotels offer Indian cuisine, others work with a preferred local Indian caterer, and others do not have Indian cuisine options at all. Thailand has some of the best food

Step 8

Recce Trip

It is recommended to make a recce trip to check your options before making any decisions. Plan to spend 3-4 days if possible.

Step 9

Get the Full Picture

Read all contracts carefully. Make sure that you understand what you have agreed to. Early check-in, late-check out, mini-bar use, use of function spaces after hours, damages to the property, charges for using function spaces for set up prior to functions,

Step 10

Sign Contracts & Pay Deposits

After visiting and receiving proposals from the hotels you are interested in, narrow down the list to your top 3. Negotiate rates, inclusions, terms and conditions until you are satisfied.

Step 11

Save The Date!

Once you have confirmed your dates, it is time to send out a “Save The Date” to your guests. This can be done electronically, via post, via messenger, or in person.

Step 12

Website / Mobile Application

Couples often opt to create an official wedding website that is encrypted with a password. Some wedding organisers might provide this service for you – and design it in such a way that the different section designs correspond

Step 13

Invitation Cards

If you are based in India and plan to have your celebrations in Thailand, we suggest that you contact a local wedding card supplier in India. The prices tend to be cheaper and you

Step 14

Outfits, Jewellery, and Accessories

Talk to friends and family about recommended designers, boutiques, and jewellers and research what you are looking for. You might want to select certain colours that are related to the themes of each event, or invite family and friends to wear similar colours to identify themselves. Discuss time frames and schedules for

Step 15

Bachelor/Bachelorette Celebrations

This is normally the job of the best man and the bridesmaid. Whether it is a small intimate dinner for friends, or a wild weekend, this is going to be a celebration you will always remember!

Step 16


Think about each event and what kind of entertainment you would prefer. There are plenty of options for DJs, live bands, performers, and other forms of entertainment available in Thailand. Talk to your wedding planner for ideas and they can set up appointments

Step 17


Thailand has many talented videographers and photographers. Some are mentioned on this website. Your wedding planner may also have people who they regularly work with.

Step 18

Plan the Baraat

You may need to make arrangements for a horse, elephant, carriage, helicopter, jet ski (or, whatever captures your imagination) and your wedding planner can make this happen.

Step 19

Hair, Makeup, Mehendi, and Sari Tying

If you need to use the services of local vendors for hair, make-up, mehendi, and sari tying, speak to your wedding organiser as early on as possible. Make-up artists are in high demand during peak wedding seasons and often get booked 12 months in advance. We recommend doing a trial during your recce trips.

Step 20

Transportation & visas

Communicate as regularly as possible with your wedding organiser to relay information on guest arrivals. As soon as they touch down on Thai soil, the travel arrangements will ensure the celebration begins in style, whether it’s a collective or individual transfer.

Step 21

Start to think about your Honeymoon and check availabilities

Talk to your partner about locations, budgets, time frames and what you would both like to do. Thailand has many exotic destinations that are perfect for a fun-filled intimate honeymoon.

Step 22

Put together a gift hamper to be placed in guest rooms if you wish

Your wedding organiser can help you with this.

Step 23


If you are planning on serving alcohol, discuss this with your wedding organiser. Decide on what you would like to serve at each event and discuss the expected quantities. Your caterer can also advise on this.

Step 24

Revisit Thailand

This is almost a dress rehearsal; it’s time to meet with your local organiser to ensure that nothing has been overlooked, and meet with suppliers.

Step 25

Look into Details

See if your hotel will provide guest books, pens, and penholders. Purchase gifts for your bridal party and close family members. Contact close family members and friends for sangeet performances and speeches during the reception and

Step 26

Final Preparations

Get an updated list of all guests who have confirmed they will be attending and ensure that the hotel, wedding organiser transportation company all have the latest information. Create seating charts and place cards as necessary. Your planner can organise this for you.

Step 27

Leading up to the day

Plan to be in Bangkok several days before the first event so that you can do a run through of the events, talk to your wedding organiser, take care of any last-minute things, and also enjoy Thailand’s warm hospitality. Go to a spa, go for a swim, enjoy world-class cuisine, relax and enjoy your time in the Land of Smiles!

The Wedding

This is what you have been waiting for! Enjoy your friends, relatives, and partner-to-be! Smile, laugh, dance, and treasure every moment. Take photographs with your loved ones. Enjoy every function and feel the energy, knowing that you are getting married in Thailand!