Cards & Gifts

Amit Patel & Uzmah Chaodhary16It is the wedding invitation card that leaves the first impression on the guests and unique, unusual, unforgettable invitations that set the stage for a wedding or event are the way to go. The perfect beginning to your dream occasion is the perfect wedding card. The look, the feel, the embellishments, the choice of words…. all of these should showcase the personalities of the couple sending the card.

When it comes to finding the perfect invitation you have to put some thought into it, not only is it a formal invitation to your guests but also their first peek into the style and mood of the wedding that awaits them. There are numerous card vendors in the market, the best way to stamp your personality into the whole event is to personalise yours. Ensure the cards incorporate your wedding theme and have colours and designs that complement your décor and set-up. Choose the kind of paper you want to use carefully and get all the print material, logos and designs custom made.

Decide whether you want an elegant one-page handmade paper card or a mini-booklet, or a card with zardozi and kundan work, or a card with embroidered tissue with favourite colour schemes. Currently silk, leather, brocade and silver are very in with couples nowadays, with some adding coordinated gift boxes for sweets, chocolates and other gift items to go with the cards.

Once the dates and venues are fixed, couples begin by selecting and sending out their formal wedding invites; but it doesn’t have to end here…there is so much more they can do to make it even more special. Nowadays, wedding stationery encompasses a vast range of items that are used throughout the celebrations and become the small touches that make a big impact. Also think of what you can do for the smaller events and functions that surround your big day. Programme booklets listing the details of all the events, thoughtful welcome cards for out-of-own guests, in-room itineraries, RSVP cards, save-the-date cards for your guests’ convenience are great touches to incorporate and are always appreciated. A new trend is to have a ‘daily wedding newspaper’ that reports on the previous night’s fun-filled activities.

FULLCOLLECTION3Wedding favours and gifts are another way to show your affection and appreciation for your guests and can range from small DIY to luxury gifts. The wedding favours need to be thoughtful and apt for the occasion, despite how much you spend on them. A gift to accompany your invitations and could be a traditional Indian gift like beautifully packaged custom gift boxes with sweets, chocolates, or dried fruits. Items like a potted plant in a decorated planter, a set of diyas, or candles also make for unique gifts. For specific functions, you could give a goodie basket with beauty products for mehendi guests, a CD or thumb drive with your wedding playlist at the sangeet, or a premium chocolate and wine gift basket for friends at the bachelorette.

Those with a more bucks to spend can opt for custom-made wedding favours like engraved candle-holders, takeaway silver name-card holders, or handmade candles and soaps with special wedding wrappers.

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