Decorators & Florists

IMG_6026Wedding decorations play a very big role in setting the tone and mood for the occasion, and rich colourful decorations lend a special touch to the ambience. Flowers add a new and fresh dimension to the wedding décor, especially exotic and seasonal varities. Nowadays though, rich satin sheets are being used as decoration accessories adding a special glamour to the overall décor of the marriage venue.

Most couples will have an idea of what they want at their wedding, from the venue and location, the colours, the entertainment and the wedding décor, The decoration at any wedding should be a harmonious mix of various design features like lighting, decorations, table settings and the actual location or venue. The choice of the decorations should also reflect the mood of the wedding. Decoration arrangements for this special day should be done in a manner that creates a festive feel and reflects the sacredness and purity of marriage. The most important aspect of any wedding decoration is the mandap, since this is where the marriage is actually solemnised, and special care must is given to its decoration.

IMG_1352Once the ideal venue has been decided upon, it is important to determine the aesthetic direction for the particular event and budget. It is important to realise that wedding design and decor does not end with the flowers, mandap and basic lighting, but also involves assorted small and big details like the seating arrangements, creating the perfect centerpieces and stage backdrops, matching of colours, lighting and much more. A wedding planner can help to conceptualise, create and coordinate all this, or help you import exotic flowers, pick the best fabric, design an elaborate set and source props.

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