Photo & Film

Amit Patel & Uzmah Chaodhary1A marriage is a memorable occasion in the lifetime of a person and one where you would definitely want to capture every special moment. These are the pictures you will treasure for generations to come. Not only will you need a professional wedding photographer who has ample experience in wedding photography but also a professional videographer. When it comes to a wedding, taking pictures or a video is a spontaneous job and not something you can recreate, finding the right professional is essential.

Wedding photography has evolved from the stiff poses and strained smiles in pictures from decades ago to candid portraits and reportage-style photography. So decide if you want traditional posed portraits or the photojournalist-style coverage that is popular today. In the latter there is no formal posing, the photographer simply trails the couple, family and guests throughout the various events to capture tender and fun moments as they unfold. These candid shots can capture genuine emotion and tell the tale of your wedding, while allowing you to enjoy the wedding without having to stop and take wedding photos.

Another style that is also popular is artistic shots, where the couple poses against dramatic and scenic backdrops and special lenses and effects are used, for photographs with a timeless and romantic appeal. Or opt for pre-wedding destination photography and bridal photo shoots at important landmarks. Remember to provide the photographer with a list of essential wedding photographs to be snapped during the functions.

Hiring a wedding videographer or cinematographer who is professional is also essential to help capture the celebrations from start to finish as well as document anything the photographer misses a moment or two. When selecting a wedding videographer ask questions about their mode of shooting, editing and styling, the number of cameras used, lighting options, ranges in audio and video quality, packages offered in terms of number of copies, and time required to get the finished product. It’s also a good idea to ask to see a demo or a portfolio of their work.

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