intro2What makes Thailand the ideal place to tie the knot? The simple answer is that the Kingdom has a lot to offers beginning with its celebrated geographic diversity – from the mountains to the beaches and everything in between, Thailand offers locations few other countries can in one convenient package. Its sophisticated tourism product, its state-of-the-art infrastructure ensure no matter which corner of Thailand you choose for your celebration, you can expect and get the best. The tagline for the country – Amazing Thailand – could not be truer, it constantly amazes from its Buddhist temples, heritage experiences, exotic wildlife and spectacular cuisine to its sun-soaked islands, its amazing spas and top-of-the-line hotels and restaurants. Thailand is the quintessential dream destination for a holiday, a wedding, a honeymoon or an adventure. No matter what you ask of this destination it delivers. Its entrepreneurs and hoteliers constantly re-invent, adding value to their products to create a unique experience for every tourist, making sure that each encounter with Thailand is an experience. Add to that the very human quotient of its people and the legendary Thai hospitality that is on offer. And of course the Thai smile which outlines and underlines each encounter. Not for nothing is this land called the Land of Smiles. Smiles that are genuine, welcoming and friendly.

Over the centuries Thailand has absorbed many cultural influences from the Chinese to the Burmese and from the Indian to the Malay. Plus of course the Europeans who came as trade partners – Portuguese, French and the British – influencing the architecture, the cuisine in subtle ways. But the land that has always remained independent blended them all into something uniquely and memorably Thai.

intro3As Southeast Asia’s premiere destination, Thailand welcomed over 19 million visitors in the last year alone. And that number is growing thanks to its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty and rich culture, thus lending itself as a perfect wedding backdrop. But a backdrop with attitude, history and culture attached. Multiple destinations in Thailand from its dynamic capital city of Bangkok to its beach resort towns, its islands and cities like Chiang Mai and Hua Hin offer everything from gourmet cuisines reflecting the food cultures from round the world, amazing nightlife and hotels that offer the ultimate in hospitality.

For visitors, there’s plenty to do – brand name shopping, exotic local markets, palaces, temples, eco-tourism _ there’s never a dull moment in the Kingdom of Thailand. The incredible value offered in Thailand allows visitors to double their fun and get more value for their money. From family vacations to romantic escapes, everything is possible in Thailand. Be prepared for this land to simply take your breath away.